In 1915, Emmert Corey and his wife, Hattie, bought this property as farmland and raised five children here. In 1924, hard times fell upon their eldest daughter who had married and moved away. The saw mill where her husband worked near Eminance, MO had closed, and the young couple was poor and hungry. Emmert hitched up his mules to a wagon and went to bring them back to the farm, then built a two-room cabin for them to live in on the present site. Two more rooms were later added, and they raised their family here until they could afford to move to a property of their own.

Years passed, and in 1956, Emmert and Hattie sold the farm and moved to Annopolis, but kept the cabin to use as a nature retreat. After Emmert died around 1957, his daughter Opal and her husband Rowland bought the property and traveled frequently from St. Louis to work on its improvements.

After Rowland’s death, Opal remarried, and her second husband added a front deck and a bathroom, and most importantly, running water.

In 1996, the cabin was passed to Opal’s son, Cecil Sanders, and he and his family enjoyed many weekend getaways here. In 2012, Cecil and his son, Brian Sanders, hired several contractors to take on major renovations, adding another bedroom, another bathroom, updated plumbing, new windows and lighting, and a new roof.

Today, the cabin and its surrounding property are available to the public for rental. The combination of historical charm and modern, luxury accommodations make Black River Cabin the perfect venue for reuniting with friends, teambuilding with co-workers, or vacationing with family.